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The ballad of the ultra rich

I just read Seth Fiegerman’s article on Yahoo entitled, “The New, New Rich: Wealth After the Recession” and there’s a quote by Diane Saatchi:

“I’ve noticed more wealthy people talking about shopping at Costco and bragging about deals they found on Groupon… And by wealthy, I mean the kind of wealthy people who own two or three private jets.”

I’m calling bullshit on this. And to lead in an article with this statement is ridiculous.

I know people who are wealthy to a far less standard. These people will spend $500 on a dinner out. These are not people who worry about where gas is the three cents cheaper, or waiting to stock up on TP at the Costco. These are people who purchase $350 bottles of wine like you and I order diet Cokes.

Articles that classify or portray the ultra rich as “victims” of the recession are completely ludicrous.

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