The future of Google+

Does anyone really use Google+ on a daily basis like they do with other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? If you look at the numbers, the answer is not really. While millions have created accounts and profiles, few return to the site with the type of voracity they do with the “big three”. Why? Well, this is not Google’s first attempt at building a social network, and it won’t be it’s last. It’s a segment of internet usage they are desperately trying to conquer, but with limited success.

So here’s my advice for Google and Google+ users:

As a user (or business), if you put content there, Google features it prominently in search results. Therefore it’s important to invest in a presence, even as an individual, especially if you are trying to build a brand. But no one actually goes there compared to other sites. Google will most likely find a good place for it, but it will go through a few more iterations until they get it right. In some sort of weird “circle of life” on the internet, I actually think it’s best served to be a personal portal – which was Yahoo’s original service and what Google aspired to NOT BE. But then Google launched its iGoogle portal years ago only to ditch it a few years later. A personalized portal that aggregates all your social stuff from other sites (like YT, Twitter and even FB), could be quite interesting. Think of it like our communities page – but for individuals. And it would have your past searches, bookmarks, calendar, docs, photos and a recommendation engine. A digital junk drawer.

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