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Omega Coaxial – quite possibly the best commercial of 2013

Dan Soschin - Omega Watch

First, watch this commercial:

Now, please consider that Omega never really touts features or benefits… they don’t even play into lifestyle per se. This is simply an emotional piece tied to the brand’s rich legacy of elegance, luxury, accuracy and provenance.

The commercial pairs an amazing sixty seconds of CGI with an excellent score (Smiling by the British composer Harry Gregson-Williams). And this commercial would score a perfect 100 if it qualified “the most perfect mechanical watch movement in the world” with the phrase “quite possibly”. Without this qualifier, technically Omega is making a statement of opinion; which is okay; but not necessarily substantiated by data (internet folks, please correct me if I’m mistaken). I know, I’m being picky. But I don’t score many commercials anywhere near a 99/100.

What’s even more special about this commercial is that the images relate to the brand’s provenance:

And even from the beginning, you’re able to tell it’s a commercial about a watch, even as you get lost in the magic of the animation.

Well done, Omega.

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