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Nicebot combats evil, sort of

I love the nicebot campaign (#TheNiceBot). It is programmed through an API to send a complimentary tweet to every registered Twitter handled in Twitter’s ecosystem (some 300 million accounts), one-by-one, every 36 seconds. If my calculations are correct though, it will take roughly 342 years to cycle through each Twitter account.

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And that’s great. But, most people on Twitter aren’t bullies, and 342 years is a long time.

I would propose using the bot and some natural language parsing (maybe through a partnership with HP’s Autonomy or’s Radian6 platform), to identify the percentage of people tweeting negatively or better yet – identifying the cyberbullies, and then tweeting directly at those people continuously every 36 seconds until the cyberbully surrenders by taking some sort of pledge, action or making an apology.

If #TheNiceBot is going alphabetically, then @Dan_soschin is due for a compliment sometime in the next 50 years. I won’t hold my breath. Maybe I’ll just continue tweeting nice things in the meantime.

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