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Don’t Interrupt!

If you are monitoring social media to listen in about your brand, take heed to this message… don’t interrupt the conversation!

Facebook Advertising – Click Fraud & Scams

I’ve recently started running a number of large campaigns on Facebook with decent success. My biggest problem is that the data I receive via the Facebook interface differs vastly from my Google Analytics data.

2010 Search Volume, CPC Data and Market Share Stats for Paid Search

Not surprising, Google’s market share increased and the Yahoo-Bing relationship created havoc for advertisers (I can relate to this as I observed many unexpected results to search campaigns upon this merger).

Social Media Policies – Do You Have One?

If your company has more than a few employees, you should have a social media policy. I’m not talking about a 400-page manual of restrictions and edicts. Rather, a document that serves as a reference point and guide for employees, helping them understand how social media affects their careers and the company.

Facebook to Enter Social Buying Space?

Just yesterday I was sharing my opinion on how I though Groupon missed a big opportunity by rejecting Google’s buyout, primarily because I think Google will be able to enter the market and succeed just as well (if not better). Now, before the dust even settled on that debate, there’s news out that Facebook might be entering the mix too – albeit slightly differently.

Adwords – Bidding on Competitor Names

Should an advertiser bid on competitor’s names in Google AdWords?

Alternative Uses for Social Media

Some industries have learned to use social media for other reasons, primarily to keep people honest and look for fraud. Here’s a great article that sums up some of these case studies by Media Post:

Did Groupon Miss It’s Narrow Window of Opportunity?

Many social media phenomena, when dissected, are rather simple conceptual models. Facebook was nothing technically sophisticated, nor Twitter. There were unique and revolutionary, but certainly not scientific breakthroughs (social-economic impact aside).

5 Social Media Trends in 2011

I really agree with the fact that overall, far more emphasis will be placed on social media in 2011, but mainly to understand how to value it within the matrix of corporate priorities.

Add Google Analytics to your Facebook Page

Recently, I’ve desired to use GA to track many of my other sites that I do not host (or have access to the source code). After doing some digging, I came across this post on how to add GA to your Facebook page.