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Cadillac ELR Commercial

I’ve never been a huge Cadillac fan. The brand is heavily dated and the cars were not necessarily advanced, high quality nor fuel efficient.

Dan Soschin - Google Plus

The future of Google+

Does anyone really use Google+ on a daily basis like they do with other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? If you look at the numbers, the answer is not really. While millions have created accounts and profiles, few return to the site with the type of voracity they do with the “big three”.…
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Library of Congress - Mark Twain

My top five most compelling posts of 2013

Just what exactly did folks enjoy reading (and sharing) on my site in 2013? Here are the five posts that seemed to resonate the most:

Dan Soschin - Search Marketing

How-to start up an international search marketing campaign

If you’re thinking about taking your search marketing to the international markets, my first word of caution is that what works in the USA does not necessarily translate to success overseas.

Dan Soschin Gmail

More on Gmail tabs

Not surprisingly, fewer marketing messages were tagged as spam; instead being tagged as promotional. While that’s a slight improvement, the real victory is getting to the inbox – which now requires end-user action (setting a particular vendor’s messages as inbox-worthy).

Dan Soschin - Promotion

Gmail promotions tab doesn’t spell death for marketers afterall

When Gmail rolled out it’s tabs for email organization, it defaulted most promotional material to the “Promotions” tab. If users were only passively engaging with brands sending that were sending them emails, chances are that those emails are going to this new tab and not the true “inbox”.

Dan Soschin - Big Data Summit Miami

Big Data Summit – Miami

This week, my travels bring me to sunny (I hope) Miami, Florida. I’ll be presenting at IE Group’s Big Data Summit. IE Group puts on a series of outstanding events and this is my second time participating as a speaker.

Dan Soschin - Big Data Summit Miami

My recent visit to the land of Oz (a.k.a. Google’s HQ)

I was recently invited by Google to co-keynote a summit on higher education marketing at their headquarters in Mountain View.

Dan Soschin - Apple IOS7

Apple iOS 7: Should you Upgrade?

Generally speaking, operating system upgrades, like iOS 7 contain a host of enhancements, beyond the shiny veneer of new icons, graphics and animations.

Dan Soschin - Social Media Command Center

Legacy customer service challenges can impact success of a social media strategy

Is it possible for a big business to do social media “well”? The key to this is to understand how businesses perform in the area of customer service, since I believe social media and customer service go hand-in-hand for businesses.