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Social Media Enablement and Deployment

Social Media Enablement and Deployment

I’m excited to be joining the Altamont Group’s upcoming event:

Social Media Intelligence ATL:
Social Business Optimization Summit

12-13th, 2012
Atlanta, GA

More info here: http://www.altamont-group.com/description.php?cid=21

I will be delivering the keynote on day 2 of the conference at the lovely Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead, GA.

The topic of my keynote is:
Social Media Enablement and Deployment
Align social media to strategic objectives and develop a launch plan

I’ll be tackling some tough topics head-on, such as understanding the key objectives in your organization and how to translate them into a social media strategy; how to win over stakeholders who are social media novices; and understanding how to report and measure. I hope to post my slide deck and some notes here after the presentation.