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Facebook to eliminate fake likes

Mashable is reporting that Facebook will start removing fake likes from pages. I see this is the first step, but not the last step in combating fraud on Facebook. Click fraud is rampant, and that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Facebook Click Fraud Issues

In a recent publicized report, thanks to Facebook having to keep its business in more of a public eye due to the company being publicly traded now, we learned that 8.7 percent of Facebook accounts are “fake”, more more than 80 million. We already knew this.

Facebook Revenue Climbs, but Click Fraud Questions Linger

As a Facebook advertiser, I have long seen a substantial discrepancy between what Facebook charges me (the number of clicks) and what my analytics software records as visits to my site.

Click Fraud in Display Networks

Pace Lattin produced a great article about advertising fraud over at ClickZ last week. It details how ad exchanges will go to any length to grow their inventory and undercut competitors.

Paid Search Hijacking – Feeling Helpless Now?

A recently reported malware strain infects computers without them having to download or accept any requests – the infection results just from visiting another infected site.