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Facebook Reduces Ad Text from 135 to 90

Recently, Facebook notified its advertisers that new ads would be subject to a 90-character limit while existing ads at the 135-character limit will be grandfathered.

Are Tablets Increasing the Number of Bad Clicks on your Ads?

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, then you have the option of targeting tablet users with your ads. With the growing popularity of tablets, and the fact that studies show increasing home use for activities such as browsing, advertising is a huge opportunity.

Google’s New +1 Social Extensions & Their Impact

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, pay close attention to a new ad extension recently released, “Social Extensions”. These will show how many people have “+1” your Google+ page along side the ad. This is basically a very strong social signal. For instance, if I run a search for pizza joints in Reston, Virginia…
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Google to Position Ads Below Search Results

Today, Google announced that it will be displaying some paid ads below search results (opposed to the side). I was not able to confirm, but still assume ads above search results may co-exist with those below search results. In this case, organic results will be “sandwiched” between paid results.

Out Spent? Focus on the Long-Tail

I’ve always been an advocate of the long-tail search, especially for advertisers with small budgets (and more time), who can afford to spend the effort on building campaigns focusing on long-tail search phrases.