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J.Crew Packages

Why J.Crew Filed for Bankruptcy

That’s right, J.Crew failed at e-commerce, and that’s why it had to file for bankruptcy to cancel the debt it could no longer afford to service.

Credit Card

NFLShop.com Goes Against the Grain by Charging a Handling Fee

Recently, I was the benefactor of a handsome NFLShop.com gift card, courtesy of a promotional credit card offer. So while this post may seem a nit-picky, I am using it to illustrate how a powerful brand has decided to go against established e-commerce practices. Is it paying off? We’ll have to wait and see. In…
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Floating Check Out at Upscale Retail

Imagine shopping for furniture at a store like Pottery Barn and instead of going to the counter with the info of the couch you want to purchase, an associate comes over to you, scans the couch with their iPhone or iPad, orders it, enters your shipping info, and then swipes your credit card. No lines, no hassle.