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Social Media Response Flow Chart – Updated

I just returned from the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, NV hosted by GSMI where I presented on measuring social media for the SMB. One of my leave behind handouts was this flow chart I adapted from the US Air Force.

Social Media Crises Management Drill

Ever wonder how your team will handle a negative issue that hits the media? Maybe you feel you have your bases covered because you are monitoring social media and believe you”know what you are doing”.

Recorded Webinar – Doing to Delivering: Five Considerations for Making Social Media Strategic

A couple months back, I had the privilege of participating in a live webinar panel discussion entitled, “Doing to Delivering: Five Considerations for Making Social Media Strategic”.

Chapstick Get’s Butt Kicked on Social Media – Great Ad or Bad Social Media Team?

Chapstick has a legacy of quirky, cutesy, and slightly-suggestive advertising. It works. And this latest ad worked too, but the social media team got in the way.