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Latest Use for the iPad 3

iPad Uses for the Home.

Steve Jobs and his Lessons

Regardless of the magnitude of that failed business decision one can argue it helped keep Apple products wholesome to Job’s vision without being muddled by inferior third parties.

Apple & Textbooks

There is a rumor that Apple will be hosting an event related to the publishing industry (possible textbooks) in New York in January 2012. Could it center around electronic editions of textbooks? Could it be new software for the iPad that makes etextbooks more like printed books? Could it be a sub-$100 text book ereader?

Are Tablets Increasing the Number of Bad Clicks on your Ads?

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, then you have the option of targeting tablet users with your ads. With the growing popularity of tablets, and the fact that studies show increasing home use for activities such as browsing, advertising is a huge opportunity.

Floating Check Out at Upscale Retail

Imagine shopping for furniture at a store like Pottery Barn and instead of going to the counter with the info of the couch you want to purchase, an associate comes over to you, scans the couch with their iPhone or iPad, orders it, enters your shipping info, and then swipes your credit card. No lines, no hassle.