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Facebook Click Fraud Issues

In a recent publicized report, thanks to Facebook having to keep its business in more of a public eye due to the company being publicly traded now, we learned that 8.7 percent of Facebook accounts are “fake”, more more than 80 million. We already knew this.

Rosetta Stone Law Suit Against Google Moves Forward

Rosetta Stone (makers of the language software) have been given the go ahead by the appeals courts to move their lawsuit against Google to the next stage of the litigation process – a trial.

Contact Lens Battle Highlights Murky Search Trademark Waters

Bidding on a competitor’s keywords to trigger your search ads is a strategy that I discourage because it can often lead to an escalating “arms race” whereby your competitors will begin to bid up your keywords in retaliation.

Amazon Sued for Allegedly Buying Trademarked Keyword

MediaPost reports that Amazon.com purchased a keyword for a desktop toy “buckyball” and the ad (when clicked) took the consumer to Amazon’s site advertising competing products for sale (and not actually buckyballs).

Groupon Sued for False Advertising

What it comes down to is that the display ads contain keywords and URLs for products/services that Groupon isn’t really offering or promoting. But, it is using those URLs and keywords to attract attention and gain relevance in AdRank and higher position (or more impressions).