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Deleting Facebook App

Why I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone

I work in marketing. In fact, I’ve made a great career out of it – helping organizations evangelize their products and services in a honest and transparent manner. Part of my success is predicated on social media, and specifically, Facebook. In prior roles, I was a very large Facebook advertiser, spending millions per year on…
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The 120 Rule

Are you optimizing your work stream? Try the 120 Rule to improve employee satisfaction and retention. It’s okay to ignore 20-percent of your work if you’re always working on the most important stuff.

In business, apologizing is king

Being able to apologize in business, and to do it well, is paramount to the success of a leader. The art of apologizing, when executed properly, demonstrates intelligence, empathy and compassion. It also oozes humility, making leaders more approachable and I would say more successful. Here’s a great article by Forbes that explores this profound…
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Steve Jobs and his Lessons

Regardless of the magnitude of that failed business decision one can argue it helped keep Apple products wholesome to Job’s vision without being muddled by inferior third parties.