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Companies should not uses consumer’s social content without opt-in

It’s a great article that explores a number of pertinent topics with regards to consumer generated content (photos, tweets, etc.) on social media and how companies may leverage that content for their own marketing campaigns.

Social media for combating crime

As the Edward Snowdon NSA leak story continues to unfold, another conversion, equally as important is surfacing – who should be allowed to monitor conversations and when?

The Government is Listening to Your Conversations, DUH!

Anyone who thinks their social media profiles and conversations are private or secure is naive.

Facebook Introduces Consumer to Business Direct Messaging

Facebook rolled out a new feature to it’s Asian-based users whereby fans of a business page and initiate “private” communication threads with the page admins that do not appear in the “public” feeds.

Behavioral targeting – When will it go too far?

Remember that most technology and most inventions aren’t created to cause harm; they are simply exploited by others to do so, after the fact.

Facebook & Privacy – Why Can’t They Be Friends?

Facebook had a fantastic opportunity to evolve its brand over the past several years into a leader and champion of privacy and safety. Yet, it seems just the opposite may have taken place.

Ad Targeting Opt-Out Bill – Who Really Wins?

A new bill is working its way through the labyrinth of Capitol Hill with regards to enabling consumers to opt-out of behavioral ad targeting. In other words, advertisers are current able to serve you ads based upon your “online persona” – a collection of sites you’ve previously been to and other generally available information about you (demographics, etc.)