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Google CPCs and Sitelinks

In a nutshell, as you leverage ad extension you you ultimate goal is to improve conversions as well CTR. Google ocourse wants both as well. Higher CPCs yield more ad revenue, while conversions keep advertisers happy.

How Content Farms are Killing the Internet

AOL just convinced itself to pay $315 for the HuffPost, which produces limited original content, outside of the ranting deranged posts of its readers who comment on the articles HuffPost assembles and reposts from other sites and sources.

Landing Pages & AdWords Quality Scores

Page load time not only affects your quality score, but it can dramatically impact page load times. I recently worked with someone who’s landing pages were loading in about 15-20 seconds! That has a major affect on user experience. Very few people with broadband will wait even 5 seconds for a page to load, let alone 20 seconds. We reduced the size and number of images, decreased the amount of and size of includes and modified the hosting and caching settings of the web server. The result was a page that loaded in about two seconds. What an improvement! Think of all the people that were leaving even before they saw the message.