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More on Gmail tabs

Not surprisingly, fewer marketing messages were tagged as spam; instead being tagged as promotional. While that’s a slight improvement, the real victory is getting to the inbox – which now requires end-user action (setting a particular vendor’s messages as inbox-worthy).

Dan Soschin - Promotion

Gmail promotions tab doesn’t spell death for marketers afterall

When Gmail rolled out it’s tabs for email organization, it defaulted most promotional material to the “Promotions” tab. If users were only passively engaging with brands sending that were sending them emails, chances are that those emails are going to this new tab and not the true “inbox”.

Google Expanding “Search Spam” to Native Search Experience

Google seems to be ramping up its aggression towards spammy search results as it has now moved to make the spam reporting feature a permanent part of the search experience, reports eWeek.

Facebook Comment System Might Reduce Spam

The new Facebook commenting system requires you to log in to Facebook in order to leave a comment on a site (that is using the plug-in). Therefore, the 99% of comments that this blog receives (as well as most others) that are spam, might be dramatically reduced.