Apple iOS 7: Should you Upgrade?


Okay, I could just leave the answer as-is and have this be the shortest post on, but I will provide some reasons for why you should upgrade.

Generally speaking, operating system upgrades, like iOS 7 contain a host of enhancements, beyond the shiny veneer of new icons, graphics and animations. These include:

  • Bug fixes that cause applications to crash
  • Performance improvements to make applicants run faster
  • Accommodations for new advancements in technology such as security, encryption, compression and data interchanges

Typically, many of these issues are not deployed to the prior versions of the operating system. They are collected together and deployed through major upgrades, like iOS 6 to 7. So, unless you upgrade, you miss out on these improvements.

So you cannot judge an upgrade just by how it looks. Sure, a major OS upgrade can be a little uncomfortable at first – new shortcuts, different designs and layouts, etc. But you have to remember, these were created by experts at software usability. Sometimes they will get a few things wrong, and sometimes you’ll have to take a few days to get comfortable with the changes, but all-in-all, not upgrading is a really bad idea – especially when it comes to security patches.

The problem is, you never hear anyone discuss bug fixes and security enhancements – just icons and layouts. The media ignores the most important parts.

So what should you do?

Before you upgrade, you should familiarize yourself with what the upgrade will deliver. You can do that by watching a number of videos put out by both Apple and other organizations. Here are a few:

The three web sites above will give you a great head start to understanding the new features and usability changes. You’ll be an expert in no time!

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