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Dan Soschin - Apple IOS7

Apple iOS 7: Should you Upgrade?

Generally speaking, operating system upgrades, like iOS 7 contain a host of enhancements, beyond the shiny veneer of new icons, graphics and animations.

Steve Jobs and his Lessons

Regardless of the magnitude of that failed business decision one can argue it helped keep Apple products wholesome to Job’s vision without being muddled by inferior third parties.

Apple & Textbooks

There is a rumor that Apple will be hosting an event related to the publishing industry (possible textbooks) in New York in January 2012. Could it center around electronic editions of textbooks? Could it be new software for the iPad that makes etextbooks more like printed books? Could it be a sub-$100 text book ereader?

Are Tablets Increasing the Number of Bad Clicks on your Ads?

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, then you have the option of targeting tablet users with your ads. With the growing popularity of tablets, and the fact that studies show increasing home use for activities such as browsing, advertising is a huge opportunity.

Voice Interactivity Changing the PPC Game

Those with Apple iPhone 4s devices may be less inclined to run text searches on Google.com as they grow more comfortable with interfacing with the Siri voice interaction platform.

iPhone App versus Mobile Web: Financial Times

I’ve written previously that I feel the mobile app world will soon be replaced by mobile-friendly functionality on the web for many reasons. Mobile devices will soon be smart enough to interact with newer websites to provide users with an “app-like” experience, but also data plans and bandwidth will become faster and ubiquitous.

Time to Retire Safari?

I don’t use Safari, unless I have to… which usually means only when using Apple services like the iOS Developer Center so I can access my Apple Development account for making iPhone Apps (which I believe will soon too be obsolete).