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E-mail or Email – Which Spelling is Correct?

Updated Oct 1, 2014 – Both methods for writing “email” are correct. But this highly debated topic was somewhat put to rest recently when the AP Style Guide officially announced it was dropping the hyphen from “e-mail”. And atlas, the world rejoiced. I never appreciated the hyphen in e-mail, so now we can write it (and not be accosted by our editors) without the hyphen.

5 Points of Light Regarding Email Marketing

The bottom line is that email marketing is always evolving. If you don’t believe me, then you are doing it wrong, and possibly out of date. There are always new things to think of – be it social media integration, mobile-readiness, conversions, tracking, etc. So, keep up to date with technology by researching constantly.

Mobile Email Usage Skyrockets

Daily mobile email usage is up 40% year over year for November 2010. I’m not surprised about this stat, due to the proliferation of mobile devices that are highly email friendly such as the BlackBerry, iPhone, Droids and iPad.

Email Engagement – A Quick Primer

Here’s a great article with four helpful tips on making your email marketing messages more engaging from Blue Sky Factory.

Email Etiquette Revisted

I seem to encounter many email fouls in my business happenings, having to couch employees and colleagues on proper email etiquette which often seems to me as obvious, yet to others a yet to be refined skill.