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Dan Soschin - Email Etiquette

Email etiquette tips for the office

At my place of work, these are all scenarios we deal with regularly as members of a large team that relies heavily upon email to communicate. But how we handle each of the above can set the tone for our relationships and respect for one another.

Dan Soschin Gmail

More on Gmail tabs

Not surprisingly, fewer marketing messages were tagged as spam; instead being tagged as promotional. While that’s a slight improvement, the real victory is getting to the inbox – which now requires end-user action (setting a particular vendor’s messages as inbox-worthy).

Dan Soschin - Promotion

Gmail promotions tab doesn’t spell death for marketers afterall

When Gmail rolled out it’s tabs for email organization, it defaulted most promotional material to the “Promotions” tab. If users were only passively engaging with brands sending that were sending them emails, chances are that those emails are going to this new tab and not the true “inbox”.

Dan Soschin - Email Etiquette

Think twice before sending that email

I just read a fantastic article by Anna Papadopoulos that should serve as a good checklist for determining when it’s appropriate to send an email.

Do not reply to this email (is bad for business)

I want you to start thinking about your email messaging differently moving forward.

Marketo User Summit – San Francisco – May 2012

I will be presenting at the 2012 Marketo User Summit in San Francisco from May 22 – 24.

Designing Emails for the Mobile World

If you are an email marketer, you need to be thinking about how people are now consuming email. This activity has been taken for granted for many years, but it has changed dramatically in the past few years with the proliferation of smart phones that can render HTML properly.

Email Disasters: 13 Step Prep Checklist

Pretty much every marketer has managed an outbound email campaign that has at one time or another sent out an email with an error. That’s why it’s good practice to have a solid quality assurance and review procedure prior to sending any message out. But what happens one an error slips through the cracks?

Keep Email Nurture Messages Short

Nurture emails should be short and too the point. You’ve already collected the prospect’s information; now, you need to understand their interests.

How to Get Started with Email Nurturing

I conduct a lot of training and education helping companies learn how to perform basic email nurture marketing. If you are using email and not performing nurturing as your email list members “digitally age”, then your campaign is outdated.