Email Disasters: 13 Step Prep Checklist

Pretty much every marketer has managed an outbound email campaign that has at one time or another sent out an email with an error. That’s why it’s good practice to have a solid quality assurance and review procedure prior to sending any message out. But what happens one an error slips through the cracks?

The first thing you need to do is assess the damage.

Do you really need to send another email to correct the mistake? This is the most important question you’ll need to answer, and quickly. Was it a simple typo such as “there” instead of “their”? Was it the wrong date? The wrong price? Did you misspell something really poorly such as “pubic” instead of “public”?

Many times sending out another email will annoy your marketing list, so decide carefully. If the error was offensive or material to the message, then you may need to send out a correction.

Here’s a great checklist with 13 steps to follow when you are considering a correction email, by Loren McDonald.

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