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Deleting Facebook App

Why I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone

I work in marketing. In fact, I’ve made a great career out of it – helping organizations evangelize their products and services in a honest and transparent manner. Part of my success is predicated on social media, and specifically, Facebook. In prior roles, I was a very large Facebook advertiser, spending millions per year on…
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How to Prioritize Projects and their Tasks

As a leader of a marketing organization, I am in a constant state of juggling competing priorities. My clients each believe their priorities are the most important, and thus should be completed first. In reality, that is almost never the case. In fact, many times their priorities are the least important. It’s my job as…
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The 120 Rule

Are you optimizing your work stream? Try the 120 Rule to improve employee satisfaction and retention. It’s okay to ignore 20-percent of your work if you’re always working on the most important stuff.

I Quit!

Thinking of quitting? Think again…

Thinking of jumping ship and quitting? Chances are you’ll run into many of the same things that make you unhappy at your new job. And you’re trading in stability (stable, predictable job and environment) for a large amount of risk.

Dan Soschin - Email Etiquette

Email etiquette tips for the office

At my place of work, these are all scenarios we deal with regularly as members of a large team that relies heavily upon email to communicate. But how we handle each of the above can set the tone for our relationships and respect for one another.

Dan Soschin - Exclamation Points

Stop using exclamation points (please)

An eloquent marketer should be proficient at devising creative ways for emphasizing importance and excitement without adding a superfluous amount of exclamation points.

Library of Congress - Mark Twain

My top five most compelling posts of 2013

Just what exactly did folks enjoy reading (and sharing) on my site in 2013? Here are the five posts that seemed to resonate the most:

Dan Soschin - Mark Twain Stamp

Mark Twain on “brevity” and why your marketing copy probably stinks

This week I want to share another one of Twain’s quotes that I admire greatly:
“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”