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Being Remarkable

It’s some advice on how to be a remarkable employee. The concepts are fairly straightforward and of course are easier said than done. However, the eight principles discussed can be applied to your work ethic over time to produce long term dividends.

I’m Hiring Three Positions in March

I’m looking for a few good folks who want to be a part of the best interactive marketing team! My team (maybe I’m biased?)

Job Alert: I’m hiring a paid search coordinator

I have an open position available for immediate hire at American Public University System in Manassas, Virginia. For more details on this position, please review the job posting.

Social Media & the Job Search

Most users of social media post things without thinking about the ramifications.

The Role of Technology in Marketing

My problem with this statement is that more often than not, I can say the exact opposite of IT. While they may understand the technology of mobile and social, they frequently do not understand the business impact and applicability of the technology.

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer?

Janet Driscoll Miller penned a great article with six tips on how to get hired in the field of search engine marketing (SEM). The tips are a great foundation for “getting yourself out there” and I preach them regularly when counseling peers on finding a new job.