Social Media & the Job Search

Most users of social media post things without thinking about the ramifications.

Think about it… look at what your friends are posting:

  • Political comments
  • Opinions on hot-button issues such as religion, abortion, gay rights, gun control
  • Derogatory comments about a product, person or service
  • Photos (drinking, being ‘stupid’, partying, skimpy-clad)
Now, if you boss showed up and said show me your Facebook page, would you be okay with that? Would it hurt their opinion of you? What if you are a liberal and pro-choice and the hiring manager of a company you are interviewing with is a die-hard GOP faithful. Gonna land the job?

Employers should check in on candidates and employees – what they do in the public space can be a potential liability. If an employee is doing something inappropriate, it can cause real damage to your company – and I’m not just talking about sharing company secrets or dishing on a co-worker. If they are berating customers or being irresponsible, is that how you want your business portrayed in the public space?

The real challenge is coaching your staff to be responsible. I preach, “don’t ever say or do anything on social media that you wouldn’t want your boss or mother to see.”

With that strategy, it’s hard to do wrong in the social space. Don’t give someone a reason to fire (or not hire) you…

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