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How to Handle Negative Buzz on Social Media

Tomorrow (Thursday, October 25), I will be joining the Social Media Strategies Summit hosted by the good folks at GSMI, in Boston, MA (go Bo-Sox!).

Who owns social media at your company?

As more companies create official social media policies, draft up strategies, and even hire dedicated staff to manage social media, at some point, people stop along the way and ask, “who should own this?”

Social Media Response Flow Chart – Updated

I just returned from the Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas, NV hosted by GSMI where I presented on measuring social media for the SMB. One of my leave behind handouts was this flow chart I adapted from the US Air Force.

Social Media & the Job Search

Most users of social media post things without thinking about the ramifications.

Benetton Ads Fail Marketing 101

A new ad campaign by Benetton features the unauthorized use of images of political figures. Additionally, the images have been doctored to make it appear is if the figures are kissing.

Social Media Crises Management Drill

Ever wonder how your team will handle a negative issue that hits the media? Maybe you feel you have your bases covered because you are monitoring social media and believe you”know what you are doing”.

Chapstick Get’s Butt Kicked on Social Media – Great Ad or Bad Social Media Team?

Chapstick has a legacy of quirky, cutesy, and slightly-suggestive advertising. It works. And this latest ad worked too, but the social media team got in the way.

Doing to Delivering – 5 Considerations for Making Social Media Strategic

On Wednesday, August 24th, I will be co-presenting live on a panel to discuss, “Doing to Delivering – 5 Considerations for Making Social Media Strategic”. From 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET, you’re invited to participate in an interactive panel discussion with Web, marketing and social media experts from Virginia Tech, University of Alabama and American…
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The cost of social media mishaps

Another good point is that Symantec is pushing its archiving and e-discovery software, which should be a good reminder to document social media issues well for legal purposes and have a well-defined triage, escalation and crises plan for handling issues in real-time.

Confirming Unsubscribe Requests

I believe that these lawsuits will be dropped, as it will be difficult for plaintiffs to demonstrate damages. Even on the most outrageous texting plans, an extra test wouldn’t cost more than about 25 cents or so.