How to Handle Negative Buzz on Social Media

Tomorrow (Thursday, October 25), I will be joining the Social Media Strategies Summit hosted by the good folks at GSMI, in Boston, MA (go Bo-Sox!).

Here’s the overview:

Social media – When to Respond to a Negative Post and How to Triage/ Escalate in your OrgANIZATION

You’ve got tools to monitor social media, a 20-something spiked-hair communities manager, and even a CEO who knows how to use Twitter. But then it happens: someone, somewhere says something negative about your company online and suddenly the world around you comes to a screeching halt. I will walk the session attendees through real case studies of how to monitor for, triage, and address negative buzz.

But you no longer own your brand. Ownership is split between what your customers say and how accessible that content is on Google. So your processes and how you interact with customers will affect future business opportunities more than marketing collateral or paid search ads.

You’ll come away with:

  • How to monitor
  • Tools (free and paid) for monitoring
  • Processes for monitoring, triage and escalation
  • Review of a case study

If you cannot make it; or if you are attending; and you would like a copy of the presentation materials, including a sample case study and a great flow chart for triage and escalation of social media issues, please send me a Tweet!

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