Confirming Unsubscribe Requests

Angry Customer
Don't make your customers more angry.

Wendy Davis reports via Online Media Daily, that “Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Sued For Confirming SMS Opt-Outs“.

I believe that these lawsuits will be dropped, as it will be difficult for plaintiffs to demonstrate damages. Even on the most outrageous texting plans, an extra test wouldn’t cost more than about 25 cents or so.

While the case might drive legislation to prohibit sending a confirmation email or text after someone unsubscribes, I ask the question, “why bother?”

Do you really think people are maliciously unsubscribing other users or unsubscribing themselves accidentally?

Don’t waste your time programming these types of confirmations into your text, email or other campaigns. Instead, focus on retention and nurturing.

When you unsubscribed last from a service, did you really want another email or text? NO! So why would you build these services into your companies campaigns?

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