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Nicebot combats evil, sort of

It is programmed through an API to send a complimentary tweet to every registered Twitter handled in Twitter’s ecosystem (some 300 million accounts), one-by-one, every 36 seconds.

Twitter to replace “followers” metric with “influence score”?

The Washington Post reports that Twitter is mulling over the idea of lessening the importance of the “followers” metric and potentially augmenting or replacing it with a more accurate measure of reach or influence.

Why Companies Should Monitor What Their Employees Say on Twitter

Even if your employees aren’t talking about company business, your industry or anything remotely related to their jobs, should you care what they are saying on Twitter?

Why your business should use Twitter

If you think Twitter is silly, then you have fallen for the propaganda of Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen and other celebrities who primarily starting using Twitter to let us know where they were partying and what food they like.

Confirming Unsubscribe Requests

I believe that these lawsuits will be dropped, as it will be difficult for plaintiffs to demonstrate damages. Even on the most outrageous texting plans, an extra test wouldn’t cost more than about 25 cents or so.

Social Communities & Academic Success

Studies that show the benefits of social networking with regards to academic success are continuing to surface. Data suggests that students who leverage communities as part of their academic program, perform better academically.

Twitter versus the World

Maybe, Twitter is just Twitter… in other words, it doesn’t need to evolve into anything more than it already is.

Track Twitter Traffic with Google Analytics

I love Google Analytics. If you love it too, and have access to a technical resource, here’s a great article by Matt Clarke at eConsultancy.com on how to add your Twitter activity to Google Analytics for tracking/reporting/analysis.

Get More ReTweets – Ten Tips

Chris Lake write’s a concise and simple post offering 10 essential tips for gaining more retweets. Some tips are easier to follow than others, but if you can follow even a few of these, you’re off to a good start and ahead of the pack.

Twitter Tips – Cutting Through the Clutter

Before leveraging another tool, definitely take a look at unfollowing content providers that are offering little value. And, most importantly, use lists to group your content into multiple streams. This is a great way to manage multiple topics.