Why your business should use Twitter

If you think Twitter is silly, then you have fallen for the propaganda of Ashton Kutcher and Charlie Sheen and other celebrities who primarily starting using Twitter to let us know where they were partying and what food they like.

In reality, Twitter is a powerful platform that will help you:

  • listen
  • research
  • engage
  • communicate
  • resolve
  • promote

I recently gave a webcast on all things Twitter where I addressed these great features and debunked the celebrity Twitter mentality, debunking the myth that Twitter is for tweens to follow Justin Bieber’s whereabouts.

In fact, Twitter is a powerful B2C and B2B customer engagement tool that if you are not using, you are significantly missing out on opportunity. However, with all social media and digital tools, Twitter requires education, policy, training and strategy. If you create an account and just start broadcasting out messages to whomever you can convince to follow you, you are using the tool completely wrong.

Here are nine fantastic case studies on Twitter:


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