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Google and Facebook — The Next MySpaces?

Jackson’s article is more than compelling – its nearly dead-on accurate with regards to how technologies evolve faster than companies. So, its difficult for companies that have devoted their resources heading down one path to get up, back track and head down a new path. This is especially difficult in the face of competitors who get a fresh start down a new branch.

Buy MySpace for $580 Million, Sell it for $35 Million

News Corp paid $580 million dollars for MySpace in 2005 and just six short years later it is dumping the nearly useless property for $35 million to a group of investors who believe they can salvage the site.

Confirming Unsubscribe Requests

I believe that these lawsuits will be dropped, as it will be difficult for plaintiffs to demonstrate damages. Even on the most outrageous texting plans, an extra test wouldn’t cost more than about 25 cents or so.