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Dan Soschin - Big Data Summit Miami

My recent visit to the land of Oz (a.k.a. Google’s HQ)

I was recently invited by Google to co-keynote a summit on higher education marketing at their headquarters in Mountain View.

Dan Soschin - Webinar

Why your business ruined webinars for everyone

How many invitations to a webinar do you receive on a daily basis? I probably receive about 10 via the various newsletters and marketing emails I receive each day. And I’ll tell you that marketers have done a great job at getting me to read the messages, with catchy subjects and interesting event titles.

Content Marketing – Where to Begin?

One of the better articles I have come across in recent memory on the topic of content marketing was served up recently at SEOMoz.org by Toby Murdock.

Demand Media Beats Wall Street’s Expectations, What’s Next

One of my least favorite category of ‘internet companies’ are those like About.com and Demand Media’s eHow.com. These sites create basically useless, non-authorative content that misleads consumers, provides little value and prevents higher quality content from appear in search engine results because that better content is not marketed as well.

The Future Landing Page May Be A Micro Site

Landing pages are living canvases in the world of direct response marketing. We’re always testing, tweaking, refining and even full-scale redoing them to achieve the perfectly optimized and conversion experience.

Should you advertise on mobile devices?

If you are still asking yourself (or your business) this question, the good news is that it is not too late to start; the bad news is that you are a little late to the game.

QR Code Adoption: Is it an issue of Trust

Mobile Commerce recently published an article showing that adoption of QR codes by students is lacking (especially compared to other areas of the world such as Asia).

Facebook Ads: Landing Page or Facebook Page – Which is Better?

Facebook is drawing in new advertisers each data from the paid search world. However, the principles that apply to advertising in paid search (and even display) do not necessarily apply to Facebook.

Top Landing Page Optimization Resources

Here are some of the absolutely best articles I have come across of the years with regards to building and optimizing great landing pages.

SEM Audit Boilerplate

Igor Belogolovsky has assembled a great boilerplate for conducting an audit of your SEM (search engine marketing). Check it out at SearchEngineJournal.com: