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More on Landing Page Optimization & Quality Scores

Yesterday I shared an article about landing page optimization and I’d like to follow it up with another written by Ron Jones at ClickZ.com.

Great Post on Landing Page Optimization Basic Strategy

SEOmoz.org published a great article about optimizing landing pages. I particularly found of interest the section on “looking where other people are looking”. That would make a great split test for your business and I highly suggest doing so.

Search Marketers – Retention & Salaries

What I have found is that retaining search marketers can be a challenge compared to other specialties due to:
competitiveness within the specialty, lack of diversity within the field, and commodity nature of specialty.

Yet another big entrant into the daily deals category

As if the online coupon market wasn’t crowded enough, another big player has entered the space which will continue to further inundate consumers with opportunities to purchase so-so deals online.

How to write a great paid search ad

I’ve come across dozens of great articles over the years about how to optimize paid search campaigns. However, often overlooked is the fact that you have more opportunity to optimize the text ad than you think.

Should your business do a Groupon?

Are you a small business and considering doing a group buying promotion such as a Groupon or LivingSocial promotion? If so, there are a number of questions you first need to ask.

Facebook Advertising Tips

Here’s a great article examining whether your Facebook ads should point to your landing page (outside of Facebook) versus your actual Facebook page.

Getting Started with Mobile

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work lately establishing a major mobile search campaigns and working on research to demonstrate the ease of entering the mobile search market and the competitive advantage it will bring your company. As I put these presentations together, I’m coming across some great articles and resources that I will share as I uncover them.

Confirming Unsubscribe Requests

I believe that these lawsuits will be dropped, as it will be difficult for plaintiffs to demonstrate damages. Even on the most outrageous texting plans, an extra test wouldn’t cost more than about 25 cents or so.

A Facebook Page, Now What?

Businesses, one after another, are creating Facebook pages with the hopes of driving people to “like” them. However, many businesses fail to realize just having a page, and just obtaining likes are on the first steps.