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Ad Targeting Opt-Out Bill – Who Really Wins?

A new bill is working its way through the labyrinth of Capitol Hill with regards to enabling consumers to opt-out of behavioral ad targeting. In other words, advertisers are current able to serve you ads based upon your “online persona” – a collection of sites you’ve previously been to and other generally available information about you (demographics, etc.)

Groupon: Good or Bad for you business?

Felix Salmon wrote an article, “Grouponomics” for Reuters recently that offers excellent insight into some of the competitive advantages Groupon should be able to leverage over copy cats.

Parked Domains: Good or Evil?

Over the years literally millions of parked domains (domains that have been purchased but show now real, unique, original, or valuable content) have emerged only to show ads. Owners purchase these domains because they either contain common keywords they hope searchers will stumble upon or misspelled words they hope searchers will accidentally type instead of the correct URL.

Is Groupon Right for your Business?

I have spent a fair amount of time debunking Groupon’s valuation based upon low barrier to entry for competition… and basically, time has proven be both right (there is a new competitor by a big media company each day) and wrong (Groupon continues to grow at leaps and bounds).

When Do Online Shoppers Convert?

However, I would caution you that the data varies greatly depending on the industry. I also believe that most people do a significant amount of browsing and shopping at work, based upon some baseline data collected from some of my own clients.

Following up with Sales Leads

Just how quickly should you follow up with your sales leads? I’ve always advocated two fundamental principles of a CRM-based lead generation program.

Traffic Optimization vs. Conversion Optimization

Here’s an article by Oli Gardner who makes a very clear case for why optimizing your lead conversion process/funnel is more important than focusing solely on traffic generation.

Google AdWords Automated Rules – What you Need to Know

Joseph Kershbaum at SearchEngineWatch penned two great articles on Automated Rules for Google AdWords. Everyone should use automated rules, but getting started is kid of intimidating. Here are two articles that can help break the ice.

Companies don’t know how to use social media

Erik Sass at the blog, The Social Graf wrote a very interesting article recently on the ROI companies are achieving through investments in social media. For instance, he references a survey be eMarketer that found that only 15.4% of respondents believed Facebook was delivering “significant ROI”.

5 Lead Generation Tips

Here’s the deal. I’m running a multi-million dollar search campaign for a client and we’re obviously very focused on campaign copy, audience targeting and creative. However, in campaigns of this size, even the slightest percentage increase can yield huge ROI gains. So, focusing on your landing page and conversion funnel is extremely important. Gains in your funnel can dramatically improve your ROI. I recently change the form and registration step on a landing page and saw a gain in click-to-conversion of 400% for the campaign. Caution: results aren’t typical. We were looking for a 10-25% increase. Who knew. But now we’re not stopping there. We’re doing further split testing to see what the right combination of fields and steps are.