5 Lead Generation Tips

MarketingProfs gives us this article on lead generation tips for B2B folks (though I have found that leadgen tips often span both B2B and B2C).


Here’s the deal. I’m running a multi-million dollar search campaign for a client and we’re obviously very focused on campaign copy, audience targeting and creative. However, in campaigns of this size, even the slightest percentage increase can yield huge ROI gains. So, focusing on your landing page and conversion funnel is extremely important. Gains in your funnel can dramatically improve your ROI. I recently change the form and registration step on a landing page and saw a gain in click-to-conversion of 400% for the campaign. Caution: results aren’t typical. We were looking for a 10-25% increase. Who knew. But now we’re not stopping there. We’re doing further split testing to see what the right combination of fields and steps are.

Then, we’re moving down the funnel and looking at our marketing automation. We’re analyzing what messages are sent to new leads and when, and at what interval. We’re working with our sales team to understand what else we can do to deliver leads. So, as you can see, you cannot focus on just one area. There are gains to be had everywhere.

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