Following up with Sales Leads

Just how quickly should you follow up with your sales leads? I’ve always advocated two fundamental principles of a CRM-based lead generation program.

1. Follow-up within one hour or LESS (preferably less).

2. Follow-up via the same medium as the request. In other words, if the request was an e-mail or a web form, follow up via the web/e-mail (at a minimum).

How important is fast follow up? Put it this way, if you are not following up in the same day, you should not be doing lead gen, you have other problems to tackle first.

Here’s an article by the Harvard Business Review with some compelling data to support my main point.

One response to “Following up with Sales Leads”

  1. Nadine Stevens Avatar

    Follow up is definitely one of the most important things we can do for our lead generation campaign. And yes, we should do it within one hour or less. Why? First and foremost, it signals care. The prospects would know that we share in their desire to succeed. Second, it signals opportunity. We can create a chance for our company to explain further how we can meet their needs.

    Thanks for all the knowledge here. Have a great day/night!

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