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How-to start up an international search marketing campaign

If you’re thinking about taking your search marketing to the international markets, my first word of caution is that what works in the USA does not necessarily translate to success overseas.

Google Indexing Facebook Comments

Now that Google is indexing JavaScript-originated content, such as Facebook comments, businesses may start seeing a shift in search engine results. What does this mean for you?

Google +1 on your Display Ads

I just read via SearchEngineWatch.com that Google will be rolling out the +1 button on display ads. You’ll be able to “+1” the ad as well as see the number of others who have done so along with photos of those who have plus-one’d within your network.

Search Marketers Need to Understand Adaptive Search

Adaptive search is the term that refers to search engines modifying the search results (and the paid ads you see) based upon your search behavior and search profile.

Trademark Issues in Search

One of the more common questions I get asked is that of whether it is okay to bid on trademarked terms of your competitors. For instance, if you are Ford, should you bid on “Chevy” so that your ad comes up on Chevy-related KWs?

All of the sudden, I love Bing

I used to be really old school when it came to search. You see, I was one of those guys running paid search campaigns back in 2000 when bids were 1c and paid search was a wild frontier town for marketers.

Google Voice Search

I just spent about five minutes giving Google’s new voice search feature a trial run. If you go to www.Google.com you see a small grey microphone in the search box:

Search Marketers – Retention & Salaries

What I have found is that retaining search marketers can be a challenge compared to other specialties due to:
competitiveness within the specialty, lack of diversity within the field, and commodity nature of specialty.

How to write a great paid search ad

I’ve come across dozens of great articles over the years about how to optimize paid search campaigns. However, often overlooked is the fact that you have more opportunity to optimize the text ad than you think.

Paid Search Hijacking – Feeling Helpless Now?

A recently reported malware strain infects computers without them having to download or accept any requests – the infection results just from visiting another infected site.