All of the sudden, I love Bing

I used to be really old school when it came to search. You see, I was one of those guys running paid search campaigns back in 2000 when bids were 1c and paid search was a wild frontier town for marketers. We really had two big options, Yahoo and MSN. Google really didn’t come on to the seen for a couple more years. So, since I “grew up” (professionally speaking) with Yahoo, that’s what I got comfortable using. As Google proliferated my life, I may have been a bit slow to convert at first, but eventually became a true believer. And I love Google. But I also still love MyYahoo! And now, I think I love Bing! How can this be?

Bing has really been making a splash lately… first with its edge-to-edge stunning backgrounds which, I admit, don’t help you find search results. But Bing (and Microsoft) continue to innovate via Windows 7 and IE9. Here’s a great blog post by Thom Craver at Search Engine Watch on the latest innovations being piloted at Bing. Pay close attention to the details, such as the scrolling navigation (yes, you can take it with you!) and the accordion search results. I just love these new features.

All these innovations are quite impressive and I think the future of search is quite exciting.

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