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Should I purchase domain names proactively?

This past week, The Donald made headlines when it was uncovered that his company owned thousands of domain names that are simply being parked in what it deems as a defensive move.

Dan Soschin - Search Marketing

How-to start up an international search marketing campaign

If you’re thinking about taking your search marketing to the international markets, my first word of caution is that what works in the USA does not necessarily translate to success overseas.

Getting videos watched on YouTube

One of the questions I field regularly is how to improve the visibility of videos on YouTube. The answer is quite simple: start with highly sought after content.

Google’s auto complete, a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Google’s auto complete feature suggests the search words/phrases that most commonly match what you are typing in real time.

Malware still infiltrating major search engines

I find it challenging to understand why there’s still seemingly minimal innovation in the area of protecting searchers from malware infected websites.

Facebook Click Fraud Issues

In a recent publicized report, thanks to Facebook having to keep its business in more of a public eye due to the company being publicly traded now, we learned that 8.7 percent of Facebook accounts are “fake”, more more than 80 million. We already knew this.

Content Marketing – Where to Begin?

One of the better articles I have come across in recent memory on the topic of content marketing was served up recently at SEOMoz.org by Toby Murdock.

Facebook Revenue Climbs, but Click Fraud Questions Linger

As a Facebook advertiser, I have long seen a substantial discrepancy between what Facebook charges me (the number of clicks) and what my analytics software records as visits to my site.

Rosetta Stone Law Suit Against Google Moves Forward

Rosetta Stone (makers of the language software) have been given the go ahead by the appeals courts to move their lawsuit against Google to the next stage of the litigation process – a trial.

Facebook Reduces Ad Text from 135 to 90

Recently, Facebook notified its advertisers that new ads would be subject to a 90-character limit while existing ads at the 135-character limit will be grandfathered.