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Demand Media Beats Wall Street’s Expectations, What’s Next

One of my least favorite category of ‘internet companies’ are those like About.com and Demand Media’s eHow.com. These sites create basically useless, non-authorative content that misleads consumers, provides little value and prevents higher quality content from appear in search engine results because that better content is not marketed as well.

Google CPCs and Sitelinks

In a nutshell, as you leverage ad extension you you ultimate goal is to improve conversions as well CTR. Google ocourse wants both as well. Higher CPCs yield more ad revenue, while conversions keep advertisers happy.

CPCs fall in Q4 for Google as Ad Quality Improves

In a rare turn of events for search marketers, the average CPC (cost per click) search marketers paid to Google in Q4 2011 actually fell by 8% according to MediaPost’s report on Google’s Q4 analyst earnings call.

Behavioral targeting – When will it go too far?

Remember that most technology and most inventions aren’t created to cause harm; they are simply exploited by others to do so, after the fact.

Google, 2012 and SEO

I’ve long been a major complainer when it comes to low-quality content sites gaming SEO with big bucks and dedicate resources all with the goal of being in the first few organic SERPs (so they can steal traffic from higher quality sites).

Are Tablets Increasing the Number of Bad Clicks on your Ads?

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, then you have the option of targeting tablet users with your ads. With the growing popularity of tablets, and the fact that studies show increasing home use for activities such as browsing, advertising is a huge opportunity.

Google’s New +1 Social Extensions & Their Impact

If you are a Google AdWords advertiser, pay close attention to a new ad extension recently released, “Social Extensions”. These will show how many people have “+1” your Google+ page along side the ad. This is basically a very strong social signal. For instance, if I run a search for pizza joints in Reston, Virginia…
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Voice Interactivity Changing the PPC Game

Those with Apple iPhone 4s devices may be less inclined to run text searches on Google.com as they grow more comfortable with interfacing with the Siri voice interaction platform.

Just Because it’s on Google Doesn’t Mean it’s Legit

Consumers have way too much faith in what they read and hear online. The problem is that many people believe if it is written (or advertised) on the internet it must be true. We believe Wikipedia. And we believe all those ads on Google. And that’s the problem. Some of those ads are scams.

Google Indexing Facebook Comments

Now that Google is indexing JavaScript-originated content, such as Facebook comments, businesses may start seeing a shift in search engine results. What does this mean for you?