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All of the sudden, I love Bing

I used to be really old school when it came to search. You see, I was one of those guys running paid search campaigns back in 2000 when bids were 1c and paid search was a wild frontier town for marketers.

SEM Audit Boilerplate

Igor Belogolovsky has assembled a great boilerplate for conducting an audit of your SEM (search engine marketing). Check it out at SearchEngineJournal.com:

Hiring a Search Engine Marketer?

Janet Driscoll Miller penned a great article with six tips on how to get hired in the field of search engine marketing (SEM). The tips are a great foundation for “getting yourself out there” and I preach them regularly when counseling peers on finding a new job.

Great SEO Teaching Tool

A co-worker shared with me an article she came across today on SEO at SearchEngineLand.com. I found it to be a fantastic tool for teaching the fundamental elements of SEO and plan on using it as a teaching asset for developing my staff.

Google Voice Search

I just spent about five minutes giving Google’s new voice search feature a trial run. If you go to www.Google.com you see a small grey microphone in the search box:

Search Marketers – Retention & Salaries

What I have found is that retaining search marketers can be a challenge compared to other specialties due to:
competitiveness within the specialty, lack of diversity within the field, and commodity nature of specialty.

Facebook, Google continue to dominate online ad spend

What’s interesting is that Facebook advertisers are not necessarily sticking around… the article alludes to a “test and learn” phase. What I’m seeing among certain Facebook advertisers is ad saturation and ad burn-in.

Contact Lens Battle Highlights Murky Search Trademark Waters

Bidding on a competitor’s keywords to trigger your search ads is a strategy that I discourage because it can often lead to an escalating “arms race” whereby your competitors will begin to bid up your keywords in retaliation.

How to write a great paid search ad

I’ve come across dozens of great articles over the years about how to optimize paid search campaigns. However, often overlooked is the fact that you have more opportunity to optimize the text ad than you think.

Why more domain names doesn’t matter

Sure, maybe 15 years ago the concept of a “dot whatever” address made some sense. It would have been cool to organize web-based content in a manner such that banks were .bank, restaurants were .restaurants and porn sites were .xxx.