Why more domain names doesn’t matter

Sure, maybe 15 years ago the concept of a “dot whatever” address made some sense. It would have been cool to organize web-based content in a manner such that banks were .bank, restaurants were .restaurants and porn sites were .xxx. But, in this day and age, we’re driven by social sharing, mobile connectivity and URL shorteners. And, in reality, does any other extension besides .com really matter? We only get those other extensions when we cannot get our .com we want. But is it better to have mysiteisrighthere.com or mysite.whatever?

Let’s face it, dot coms are the dot king of the internet. No other extension can come close.

And when we type in a URL with a .com and get to the wrong site, what do we do? We Google the address to find out the right URL, and that’s that.

And, there’s another problem with the .whatever mentality – the price. If you want to have a dot-myownextension, then you have to fork over the $185,000 start up cost to ICANN plus $25,000 in yearly maintenance. This seems like a huge waste.

Maybe we need to start helping people learn about subdomains, like mysite.yoursite.com.

Will I register .dansoschin? No. I don’t need to. Does McDonald’s need to register .McDonalds? No! Will they? I hope not. It

Here’s more info on the .whatever program: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Coming-soon-to-the-Internet-apf-1972029148.html?x=0&sec=topStories&pos=3&asset=&ccode=

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