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CPCs Increasing Sharply During Holiday Retail Season

Advertisers need to be weary about rising CPCs headed into the big retail holiday season. They should not based their budget on rates and costs from earlier in the year as their sole source.

Google Changes AdWords Demographics

I just received a notice from Google as an AdWords advertising notifying me that Google is dropping the explicit ability to target/exclude ads to the 0-17 age group. This age group will no be rolled into a new category called “age – undetermined”.

Google to Position Ads Below Search Results

Today, Google announced that it will be displaying some paid ads below search results (opposed to the side). I was not able to confirm, but still assume ads above search results may co-exist with those below search results. In this case, organic results will be “sandwiched” between paid results.

Google Call Extensions – Is it Right for You? 5 Tips

More recently, Google is rolling out “call extensions”. These are somewhat similar, but instead of clicking on a phone number, you actually dial an intermediary phone number that Google displays in your ad.

Google +1 on your Display Ads

I just read via SearchEngineWatch.com that Google will be rolling out the +1 button on display ads. You’ll be able to “+1” the ad as well as see the number of others who have done so along with photos of those who have plus-one’d within your network.

Search Marketers Need to Understand Adaptive Search

Adaptive search is the term that refers to search engines modifying the search results (and the paid ads you see) based upon your search behavior and search profile.

Advanced SEO – How to Get Started

If you are already familiar with the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you are looking for some more advanced strategies, look no further than this great article by Tom Schmitz at SearchEngineLand.com:

Shortcut to SEO Success – Video

If you have keywords that are highly competitive (and these days, who’s keywords aren’t), then you might want to think about repurposing your existing web content or blog post into a short, optimized for SEO video.

Trademark Issues in Search

One of the more common questions I get asked is that of whether it is okay to bid on trademarked terms of your competitors. For instance, if you are Ford, should you bid on “Chevy” so that your ad comes up on Chevy-related KWs?

Should you advertise on mobile devices?

If you are still asking yourself (or your business) this question, the good news is that it is not too late to start; the bad news is that you are a little late to the game.