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Getting videos watched on YouTube

One of the questions I field regularly is how to improve the visibility of videos on YouTube. The answer is quite simple: start with highly sought after content.

Google, 2012 and SEO

I’ve long been a major complainer when it comes to low-quality content sites gaming SEO with big bucks and dedicate resources all with the goal of being in the first few organic SERPs (so they can steal traffic from higher quality sites).

Advanced SEO – How to Get Started

If you are already familiar with the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you are looking for some more advanced strategies, look no further than this great article by Tom Schmitz at SearchEngineLand.com:

Shortcut to SEO Success – Video

If you have keywords that are highly competitive (and these days, who’s keywords aren’t), then you might want to think about repurposing your existing web content or blog post into a short, optimized for SEO video.

Great SEO Teaching Tool

A co-worker shared with me an article she came across today on SEO at SearchEngineLand.com. I found it to be a fantastic tool for teaching the fundamental elements of SEO and plan on using it as a teaching asset for developing my staff.

More on Rich Snippets (and their Future!)

Janet Driscoll Miller posted about some upcoming changes to rich snippets on the Internet, mainly that the big three (Yahoo+MSN+Google) are teaming up to develop (and expand) a standardized schema for rich snippets in the hopes of better mapping out the semantic web.

Search Engine Optimization – The Ultimate Report

SEOmoz.org just released the mother of all SEO factors report. It goes into great detail on how its panel of experts ranked different SEO factors in importance, and then correlated those factors to scientific data sets. It’s a huge report, but a fantastic reference for understanding the importance of various SEO factors.

Google Webmaster Tools – Hidden Gem “Rich Snippets”

If you don’t know what a rich snippet is, you are not along. Rich snippets enable you to package content on your website so that it shows up with additional information on Google’s search page. This includes things like product reviews, ratings, prices, etc.

More on Google Plus 1 (+1)

Vasilis Vryniotis at WebSEO wrote a great analysis of the new Google +1 feature that you should check out, especially if you are interested in the impact on SEO that this new feature may have.

How to Get Started with SEO

If you are new to SEO and are not relying on existing expertise, well, you have your work cut out! No doubt you may be a little intimidated too. I have long said that basic SEO strategy and skills can be easily taught, so long as you have a basic understanding of how to build a web page and how to write.