Alternative Uses for Social Media

As a hiring manager, when I am looking to fill a position, I post the job through social media.

Then, when candidates apply, I search for them online to “find out more about them”. And, since I’m a social media consultant, I look for people to hire that have a good handle on their own social media presence.

But some industries have learned to use social media for other reasons, primarily to keep people honest and look for fraud. Here’s a great article that sums up some of these case studies by Media Post:

I’m reminded of the story of why many people in my region (DC Metro) still don’t purchase the automated toll pass systems for their cars… each time they go through a toll, the time and location is recorded. Now imagine you are being investigated for being somewhere you weren’t supposed to be (like a cheating spouse, or skipping work). A toll pass recording might provide enough damning evidence to contradict you.  Similarly, posting a picture of you skiing when you were supposed to be at work, or at a conference, or wherever you were really supposed to be, just might land you in some hot water, and not just with your office, but maybe your insurer too.

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