Social Media Policy & Education: Case Study of Australian Defence Ministry

Erik Sass at MediaPost reports that the Australian Defence Ministry is revisiting (investigating) how it should govern social media in light of several recent incidents involving a number of personal, including homophobic remarks in a public forum, streaming sexual encounters without consent, and so on.

This brings to light the fact that probably 99% of the service members are not using social media improperly; it’s just a select few bad apples – clearly spoiling the bunch though. This demonstrates that you need a strong social media policy so that members in your organization know exactly what they can and cannot do; and how to understand and address things construed as “on the fence”. It also underscores how important it is that when launching a social media policy, it absolutely must be accompanied by education. If your employees don’t understand the policy, and you don’t train them to do so, then the policy will be unsuccessful at protecting your organization. However, swift and stern handling of incidents should also be performed to demonstrate that the policy should not be taken lightly.

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