Oops, You Screwed Up, Now What?

I’ve written a few bits about handling negative buzz and developing a crisis response plan when it comes to gaffs and complaints, but what about dealing with your mistakes?

  1. Act quickly to correct the error
  2. Post the correct and an explanation of what happened
  3. Be honest, humble and transparent
  4. Acknowledge that you will have disappointed customers
  5. For retail, understand that some customers would only have been your customers because of the error (offering a tablet for $10 instead of $100). These people would never have come to your site to purchase the product if it was $100. They were only interested in a $10 one. So focus on your important customers first and don’t take the complaints personally.

What you need to do, is avoid ignoring people and don’t be rude (even if people are rude to you).

Here’s a great article about this topic that I recommend from Denise Keller at MarketingProfs.com.


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