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11 Tips for Driving Traffic to your Blog

Problogger recently posted a great “200-level” article on their site with regards to driving traffic. Obviously 100-level stuff consists of the basics we all know (like posting quality content with good, catchy titles). This 200-level article discuss some lesser known tips, which I highly recommend.

How Content Farms are Killing the Internet

AOL just convinced itself to pay $315 for the HuffPost, which produces limited original content, outside of the ranting deranged posts of its readers who comment on the articles HuffPost assembles and reposts from other sites and sources.

Facebook’s Commenting System

Still a little foggy on the specifics… but Facebook will roll out a new commenting system very soon. Facebook seems to receive a fair amount of criticism when it rolls out new features and services; many times these are well deserved jabs.

Getting your blog noticed – 30 SEO Concepts

I’m teaching some bloggers next week how to blog, and how to get their blog noticed. One place to start is to make sure that your bloggers understand basic SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, so that they incorporate those into each post.

7 Great Tips about Getting your Content Shared

Just read this fantastic article on how to get your content shared efficiently on Facebook. The article follows its own advice (which is good to know, and probably why I found it in the first place).

Don’t re-invent the wheel on your blog

It’s challenging to constantly come up with new and meaningful content for a blog. Most of the time, there’s little left to say that hasn’t already been said. And for those of you who read this blog, you’re already familiar with my style. I like to share the great articles I come across with, and…
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