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Video Production Tips for Newbies

I recently conducted a webcast on this very topic to train a client’s staff on how they could incorporate video into their content strategy, even if they had never produced a video before.

GoDaddy CEO Puts Customers at Risk

It seems that some of my client’s sites that are hosted on GoDaddy.com are running much slower (if loading at all) right now. Coincidence? Maybe… or maybe someone hacked in retaliation. Us customers cannot have the liability of a CEO acting this way. Too risky for our small businesses.

Get Comments and Get Rankings

When leading instructional sessions on blogging, I often discuss the value of comments and how most blogs these days are not “if you write it they will come”, but rather “when you write it, no one cares”.

Facebook Comment System Might Reduce Spam

The new Facebook commenting system requires you to log in to Facebook in order to leave a comment on a site (that is using the plug-in). Therefore, the 99% of comments that this blog receives (as well as most others) that are spam, might be dramatically reduced.

8 SEO Plug-Ins for WordPress

Early today I gave a lecture on SEO to a interactive marketing team about how to refine and improve their current SEO efforts. Needless to say, many of these tools will help!

Get More ReTweets – Ten Tips

Chris Lake write’s a concise and simple post offering 10 essential tips for gaining more retweets. Some tips are easier to follow than others, but if you can follow even a few of these, you’re off to a good start and ahead of the pack.

Time is Ticking for Content Farms

Google publicly announces another step towards ridding the ‘net of content farms

Search Engines & Content Providers

As more and more search engines enter the content creation world, will the boundaries of editorial integrity be crossed?

11 Tips for Driving Traffic to your Blog

Problogger recently posted a great “200-level” article on their site with regards to driving traffic. Obviously 100-level stuff consists of the basics we all know (like posting quality content with good, catchy titles). This 200-level article discuss some lesser known tips, which I highly recommend.

How Content Farms are Killing the Internet

AOL just convinced itself to pay $315 for the HuffPost, which produces limited original content, outside of the ranting deranged posts of its readers who comment on the articles HuffPost assembles and reposts from other sites and sources.