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WordCamp US – Online for 2021

If you are a WordPress fanboy or simply want to learn more about the software that powers nearly one-half of the world’s websites, then attending WordCamp is a good place to start. The event is online this year and you can attend for free.

polyglots translate software to empower more users globally

Digital Volunteerism

If you want to volunteer your time, but don’t necessary feel up to the traditional constructs of in-person volunteering, consider becoming a digital volunteer – even if you are not a software programmer.

Dan Soschin - Exclamation Points

Stop using exclamation points (please)

An eloquent marketer should be proficient at devising creative ways for emphasizing importance and excitement without adding a superfluous amount of exclamation points.

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My top five most compelling posts of 2013

Just what exactly did folks enjoy reading (and sharing) on my site in 2013? Here are the five posts that seemed to resonate the most:

Dan Soschin - Not a Troll

Anonymous comments and trolls… the end is near!

I’ve long opined that anonymous comments were the bane of the internet, a spawn of pure evil, and provided no value whatsoever to the internet. In fact, anonymous comments create liability and harm the public.

When to sunset your blog

In reality, what really happens is you write a few posts for the first month or two, maybe add in a couple shares, that dwindles to a post a month, and then after a year blogging it seems like just another item on your ever-growing to-do list that is put off indefinitely. Months go by and the best you can wrangle up is a retweet of an interesting news story you saw on Yahoo.com.

Content Marketing – Where to Begin?

One of the better articles I have come across in recent memory on the topic of content marketing was served up recently at SEOMoz.org by Toby Murdock.

My New Favorite Thing: Word Clouds

I was just doing some work at explaining word clouds (or tag clouds) and have been looking at some tools that create them automatically from your website. Here are some amazing tag clouds generated from my blog using various tools:

Blogging Ideas – Best List of 52 Yet

I just came across one of the best lists of blogging ideas I have ever seen. It is full of inspiration… and you don’t need to do or be good at all 52… there’s enough on this list for everyone…

Blogging Tips – Make an Impact at the Start

Ever wonder how to open your blog post to ensure the post gets read? Look no further… Darren Rowse at ProBlogger penned an outstanding post entitled,
“10 Tips for Opening Your Next Blog Post”. It is a must read for all content creators out there.